Get to know more about the super+ego brands, our designers and manufacturers.

Organic cotton field


We care about making sustainable fashion.

We believe that fast fashion and the mass production it brings should be a thing of past. Adding to your closet another piece of clothing you won't wear and won't last is something that has been hurting our planet  for a while now. That is why in Super+ego shop  you can find only carefully handmade garments by the experienced and talented designers who care about the fabric quality and bring the best out of the fashion industry.


Our manufacturers

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

Some of our designers make their garments themselves from scratch, others work with small manufacturers, sewing studios and shoemakers. By doing this we pay our respects to the artisanal businesses and celebrate the value of authentic, handmade designs, oppose to the mass production fashion, which is becoming a significant threat to our planet.

Woman cutting fabric
Linen loom

Our Fabrics

Majority of the fabrics we use is made from natural fibres. We care about the quality of the garments we make.  

Our designers choose their fabrics carefully. They always have your comfort on their minds, as well as the quality of the fabric itself. Each item is made with it's longevity on our minds. Our mission is that you enjoy wearing our garments and love them long time.